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Last.fm tool: How eclectic is your musical style?

Please consider taking the updated super-eclectic test.
It's like level 2, for the 'leet only.

The following script takes the 20 top artists in your musical profile from Last.fm, and finds the collection of top 5 similar artists for this top 20. The resulting is a list of artists similar to your preferred artists. As the list is larger (maximum = 100), your musical preference is more diverse.


Please be patient, the script may require up to a 30 seconds to process your request. The script needs to download and analyze your profile and your top 20 artists. Last.fm policy states that we can only make 1 request per second, and the script's worst case scenario requires 21 requests. Caching is used to lower the load on user (cache = 10 minutes) and artist (cache = 1 week) database requests.

Also check out my scripts to compare your profile with that of other users, generate your personal musical tag cloud, or generate a cloud of recommended artists for your profile!

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