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Last.fm tool: Compare user tag clouds

Because of changes over at Last.fm, these scripts are currently out of order. 2015-10-29

With the form below, you can compare two Last.fm users, based on their personal musical tag clouds. This approach is different from the approach used by Last.fm, where users in the population are compared based on the common artists in their playlist. We feel that tag clouds give a better interpretation of musical preferences than other methods (compare Last.fm's own Taste-o-meter), as more descriptive meaning is embedded in tags (like, genres), rather than (often unknown) artists. The script also shows important differences among the tag clouds.

Your username
Friend's username
Based on top 50 artists

Please be patient, the script may require up to two full minutes to process your request. The script needs to download and analyze your profiles and their top 50 artists. Last.fm policy states that we can only make 1 database query per second, and the script's worst case scenario requires 102 requests. Caching is used to lower the load on user (cache = 10 minutes) and artist (cache = 1 week) database requests, so the scripts usually only take ten-something seconds.

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