What we think a nerdhero is

The "Nerd Heroes" is a group of very close friends. There's Walle, Dale and Eva, and Manu and Adinda (and Els and me).

All the guys are very much into computers and tech and stuff. We're all constantly in contact with each other through our toy server, We're all living in, or in the vicinity of, Antwerp, in Belgium. It doesn't take more than ten minutes by car to reach any one of them. So there's always plenty of opportunities to meet and have fun together.

Dale, Manu and I are in a class in French cuisine together. this allows us to meet every week and have a relaxing evening together.

What you should think a nerdhero is

Maybe you're into computers and popular science or high tech or something like that. You have some friends with which you have discovered the wondrous world of your current interests, and together with them you got the techniques in your fingers. Maybe you even still communicate somehow and have become friends through the process of learning. These friends might be nerds (which is not something to be scared of), but they're definetely heroes. They deserve to be your nerdheroes.

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