Manu and Adinda

Manu and me met many years ago when we both moved to a new school (I think it was 1990) and did spend a lot of time together in after school activities (like studying, which we often skipped and went to the local library to study the fresh popular science magazines). We had lots of fun in our parents' computer rooms where we spent many hours learning how to program. We have put a lot of energy in playing with computer graphics, which helped us figuring out algorithmics and data structuring. The first time I faced Linux was at his computer, which he had been configuring for two weeks (so he claims) in order to get it up and running. It was awesome.

We've spent plenty of time together playing with computers and drinking alcohol. I still remember the day we almost fell asleep in the middle of a roundabout after drinking 10 vodka oranges (I'm not sure of their names in English, but it's the cocktail that mixes vodka and orange juice) each. I also remember the nights in our dorm rooms where we played quake, listened to Daft Punk and Pills, threw Aiki noodles all over Manu's matress (I wonder whether he remembers this, as the matress smelled like instant food for over a month), and discovered the wonders of Unix.

Manu is married to Adinda, who is a PhD student in Biology. She's about to defend her doctorate in November. Congrats to Adinda! I have witnessed the moment that Manu and Adinda met for the first time, and had their, euhm, first physical contact.

Manu is planning on bringing his life online at

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