I'm a hacker, and that's a good thing

A hacker is not a cracker

When I tell people that I am a 'hacker,' they usually react with a dose of fear. No, it doesn't mean that I break into people's computers, purposely engaging in criminal activities. I adopt and play with technology to create new things, not to destroy them. The kind of hacker you should fear is a cracker, a cyber criminal, a black hat hacker. I'm a white hat hacker.

A hacker takes the freedom to use, learn and modify technologies in ways that were not intended and then shares this knowledge with others. We look at the world as a set of building blocks, take them apart and put them back together with changes wherever we need them.

And I'm sure you are a hacker as well, it's a human nature.

Open Garage

As a second job besides my professional career, I spend plenty of hours in my garage, to tinker. Every Thursday evening, I organize an "Open Garage" where everyone can come in and collaborate on projects. Make sure to bring a drink, a project and a friend!

Some of my hacks

Here's some of my ongoing hacking projects:

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