Dale and Eva

I met Dale when we were both studying mathematics (it wasn't as freaky as this sounds). We've had some good laughs during that school year. Especially the day that we skipped an algebra and discrete mathematics class (today, discrete maths take up a major part of my modeling at work) in order to sit outside, just 2 meters away from the classroom, listening to Laurent Garnier and smoking cigarettes in the bright sunny weather.

Dale was born on exactly the same day as me, and our educational careers up until the moment we met were very similar. From my relation with Dale it has become clear to me that astrology is complete utter bullshit since we're living quite different lifes (at least, that is what I perceive). There's never an excuse to skip our birthdays, though! I'll be in Australia at my next birthday, though. Good thing: I'll be having my party in summer weather! That's going to be a funky experience. Dale is a traveller himself. He once took a sabattical half year to Peru. When he came back, it became pretty clear that he became the guru of the Nerd Heroes.

He lives in the center of Antwerp together with his girlfriend Eva, who is taking care of children in a Jewish kindergarten, and I think she really loves doing that.

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