How to make a paper mock-up of the Wii remote

Unlike freezing yourself so you don't have to wait until Wii launch day, here's something crafty if you're in desperate need of some pre-Wii-launch entertainment. Print and cut out the PDF pattern, fold it and apply glue to build a 1:1 scale paper model of the Wii remote.


The pattern for building this mockup is provided as a PDF:

Print the pattern at scale 1:1 to get the exact dimensions of the Wii remote (according to Nintendo Japan). The model fits on A4 and Letter paper sizes. Use thick paper if possible. Cut out the pattern with a hobby knife (solid lines). Gently slide your knife over the fold lines (dotted and dash dotted lines). Use glue to create the mockup. Start by folding the template into a tube, fix the bottom (with nunchuk connector), attach the indentation at the B button, close the model by attaching the infrared end.

When you have finished building the model, get out of the house and enjoy the park.

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