Flying Spaghetti Monster LED display

For the holidays of 2013-2014, I want our family to celebrate a different kind of deity and I want to share this with all our neighbors and visitors. So I built this huge 4 by 8 foot LED display, sporting 300 RGB LEDs on a big FSM inspired canvas.

The parts

The build

I started out with a big 4 by 8 foot board and printed out a big template to trace and cut out the FSM logo (thx Stef for letting me use your wood workshop!).

After a bit of sanding the first step is completed, the gods must be crazy!

Next, Stef and I drilled a few hundred 12mm holes to host the LEDs. I added chicken wire to host more LEDs in the eyes and "belly" of the FSM.

Next up, wiring up the lights, power and Arduino. This took longer than expected.

Yay! Fully integrated FSM!


Up next was the most fun part, developing a whole range of effects to show of the capabilities of the display ...

Finding the locations of all the lights for mapping animations onto the display ...

400 LEDs blinking in the garage ...

I'm very fond of the rotating 3D cube which required a lot of nerdy skills.

Hypno FSM.

And again, the fully integrated FSM display, well hung in our front window, ready to celebrate our favorit deity, the Flying Spaghetti monster.


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