Artificial Life

I have been putting quite a lot of energy into Artificial Life, and have spend many years dicovering this magical world. I have learned many great things from Artificial Life. Unfortunately, I have stepped away from the community as my research interests have moved to differing areas. I did no longer envision an academic career in the subject as it is too diverse and most of the research in it did not really affect the way people look at living, but merely got completely lost in a big pile of unanswerable questions and problems. After studying many topics an papers from the Artificial Life community, and compared this to the way research is being done in other fields that study Real Life, I do no longer consider the research in Artificial Life very professional. I have a strange feeling that, at least in my life, Artificial Life has been a long lasting hype. Now, I have moved to mathematical modeling and simulation of living systems, based on the hundreds of years of research that has been done by other scientists, studying workable and answerable hypotheses. I can no longer imagine that the philosophy of science behind Artificial Life, which is quite different from the classical thinking in other areas, is the right path to study living systems.

However, and since I spent a lot of time in Artificial Life, I will give an overview of what Artificial Life is and does in these pages soon.

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