Firefox stuff

I've been firefox (or its predecessors firebrid etc) for quite some time now. The latest installment of firefox, version 1.0 caused me a couple of headaches as a whole bunch of my extensions stopped working. As a result, I removed all of my personal settings and started anew with my firefox install.

Here are some of the settings I changed

General settings

Favorite extensions

Tabbrowser Extensions

Tabbed browsing is the bomb. I'm an avid user of ctrl-T, ctrl-W, ctrl-pageup, ctrl-pagedown, ctrl-shift-pageup, ctrl-shift-pagedown, and if you don't know of these shortcuts in firefox, try them out, now!

Important settings that I like:

Google Toolbar

I'm very much relying on google while I'm working. I consequently want a good arsenal of assault weapons when I'm undertaking a search mission, and Firefox' google toolbar offers a lot of great quick'n'dirty search tools right at my fingertips.


This extension used to be called weatherfox, but seemed to have changed its name very recently

Ad Block

Obviously, I hate ads. Installing adblock allows you to easily block ads as you see them, and marking their origin (the servers that serve the ads) to be blocked from being displayed.

Firesomething, Title bar tweaks, Statusbar clock

I love these three extensions for firefox, they're all made by the same group, but they haven't been tagged for version 1.0 yet :( Hope it doesn't take too long.

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