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Striving to democratize and decentralize access to science and technology.

Mad Scientist

I am an eclectic high-tech skill collector with a keen interest in anything science and technology. I am a real life mad scientist — doctor in biomedical technology, master in computer science and sous-chef in French cuisine — but that doesn't stop me from learning more.

Inventor for hire

I help companies understand and tackle the necessary technical steps toward feasible high tech products, from biotech over data science to the internet of things. I build software and hardware prototypes and pave the road to launching products with successful business plans.

Community builder

Acting as benevolent dictator and janitor of the Open Garage hackerspace, residing as our national radio's scientist, running maker camps and building online communities, I enable knowledge sharing and community vibe, promoting spontaneous high tech education.

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A sample of my eclectic making and hacking, both professionally and as a hobby, online and in real life.

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Project Details

    Open Garage

    Maker community

    A community in my backyard

    Every Thursday evening, I open the door to my laboratory, the Open Garage. Everyone keen on geeky projects is welcome for a visit. It is important to be excellent to each other and to bring a few drinks for our community fridge. If you have a project or a friend that you want to bring, then please do.

    Having been weekly active for over 3 years, the Open Garage is a huge community of some 300 people that drop by on random Thursdays, to collaborate on projects and to chat about technology in a nerd-friendly atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to drop by. The amount of knowledge sharing and community vibe is very rewarding, worth your visit!

    DateNov 2011 - Present
    LocationMy own garage
    KeywordsHackerspace, Community, Garage, Making, Electronics, Knowledge sharing, Informal vibe, Thursday

    IO lab

    Self-employed prototyper
    DateMarch 2014 - Present
    ClientsArgus Labs, Universiteit Antwerpen, Playpass, Sign2pay, Rombit, Stratified Medical, Foodpairing, VRT
    KeywordsMy company, Professional, Self-employed, Prototyping, Technical business case assessments, Biotech, Data science, Knowledge management, Data mining, Big data, Data architecture, Machine learning, Internet of Things, Code, Electronics

    Self-employed prototyper

    Professionally, I am a self-employed biotech/datamining/machinelearning scientist, code monkey, maker. I love to tackle project-based challenges in technological, scientific and innovative environments.

    I specialise in building prototypes and proofs of concept that allow for technical business model assessments in early stage start-up or spin-off projects.

    IO lab BVBA is the company from which I manage my contracting and consulting activities.

    Your goal must be to pick my brain so you can take the next step.

    If you are in need of a twisted brain, contact me to discuss your project!

    Radio 1

    Resident scientist
    DateJanuary 2015-current
    PublisherRadio 1, VRT
    KeywordsNational radio, Belgium, Flemish, Science, Technology, Science communication, Layman audience

    The Challenge

    Radio 1 is a Belgian national radio station whose main goal is to keep their audience informed with news, backgrounds and views on current topics. One of their programs, De bende van Annemie, was looking for a new resident scientist to provide weekly views on current scientific and technological news.

    After a few visits to my garage for a few loose items on hackerspaces and biotech related subjects, they asked me to join their team to share views. I now have a weekly segment (Fridays at 10:30), where I try to explain recent scientific news items and attempt to explain the magic of science for a layman audience.


    Biomedical knowledge mining
    EmployerUniversiteit Antwerpen & VIB Department of Molecular Genetics
    KeywordsBiotech, life sciences, knowledge management, knowlegde mining, semantic web, Ruby on Rails

    The Challenge

    Biotech and life sciences are known to suffer from an exponential growth of information, presented as high-throughput experiments and knowledge contained in a vast amount of literature.

    Researchers need to be able to automatically and intelligently leverage the available knowledge to make their discovery pipelines faster and cheaper.

    The Solution

    BioGraph offers knowledge integration and data mining methods for these tasks, as a SaaS platform with various R&D applications.

    BioGraph optimizes workflows, early in the life sciences value chain. Because of networked data mining and heterogeneous information, it can find more relevant targets and provide transparency through rationales, furthering downstream research.

    Fri3d Camp

    Family-friendly hacker camp
    Date15-17 August 2014
    LocationDe Hoge Rielen
    KeywordsSummercamp, Camping, Hacking, Making, Science, Technology, Nature, Community, Family-friendly, Children, Workshops, Talks, Quality food, Campfires, Glowsticks, Organizer

    The Plan

    In August 2014, I organized the first Belgian hackercamp, with the help of Open Garage friends. Fri3d Camp was a family-friendly summer camp around the themes of technology, nature and education, held at the beautiful camping grounds of de Hoge Rielen.

    The Camp

    With 40 children and 120 attendees spending 3 days and nights together on a camping ground, entertained by tens of workshops and lectures and quality warm group meals, plenty of power and fast internet access over WiFi (in the forest), the camp was a huge success. We'll be back in 2016.

    Badge Control

    Internet of time recording
    DateSeptember 2014
    KeywordsHardware prototyping, Internet of Things, Time recording, Raspberry Pi, 3G, Barcode scanner

    The Challenge

    Big Belgian construction sites are required to register workforces and Badge Control is a platform that helps contractors to make this registration easy. For the development of this platform, Rombit asked me to develop a prototype of the device for onsite workforce registration and help prep the product in its first steps toward production.

    The Solution

    I helped Rombit develop the hardware prototype of the on-site time recorder, back-to-back integration with the BadgeControl SaaS backend and develop documentation to help them plan toward the production of the devices.


    Signature verification

    The Challenge

    Sign2Pay develops a revolution in online payments by securing mobile payments with signatures, thereby simplifying mobile payment processes for buyers and increasing conversion rates for merchants.

    I helped Sign2Pay develop a prototype of the signature verification machine learner, define methodologies for future development, and to identify important technical elements to align the business case with the real world.


    "It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Anthony. He’s ridiculously efficient and has the capacity to understand the business requirements as well beyond the scientific outlining necessary in developing our technology.

    We’ve initially met on meetups regarding upcoming technologies such as 3D-printing where Anthony would steal the thunder with his positive and energetic attitude. Whenever you need to muscle through a though problem on your scientific or technical department. Anthony is my go-to guy. He’s like a snowplough, clearing the way for the rest of the team."

    — Nicolas Mertens, Founder Sign2Pay.com


    Cashless payments
    DateApril-July 2014
    KeywordsCashless payments, Festivals, Events, PayPal, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

    The Challenge

    Playpass helps events manage their crowd and crew, by building a platform to support entrance control, zones, benefits, meals, etc.

    I helped Playpass develop a personal account for cashless payments, where visitors can register their event ticket and link their festival wristband to their PayPal account. The system allows for cashless payments at the events, so visitors can pay for drinks and food with their wristbands and no longer need to bring cash to the event. The cashless system had its first successful deployment at Low Festival 2014 in Benidorm, Spain.

    Mood based music

    Recommending music
    DateMarch 2014
    KeywordsMusic recommendation, Moods, Knowledge management, Knowledge mining, Music hackday Paris

    The Challenge

    Argus Labs develops deep learning algorithms to ambiently sense, understand and predict context, human behaviour and mood. Their cloud platform allows companies to reach new levels of mobile customer engagement, by enabling context-rich and behaviour-aware solutions.

    I helped Argus Labs develop their first context and mood-based music recommender system, within an extremely short timespan of 2 weeks. The small-scale research project identified mood-related genres and resulted in a working prototype for a mood-based music recommender. Joining the team for Music Hackday Paris #2, Moodji was built as a back-to-back demonstrator of the recommender.

    LED displays

    Free-form lights
    DateDecember 2013 & December 2014
    KeywordsLED displays, RGB LED string, Triplex, Free format layout, WS2811, Arduino

    The Challenge

    In the autumn of 2013 and 2014 I built rather big scale LED displays, for the simple reason that I love watching hundreds of blinking lights.

    In 2013 I built a huge Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) display, with 300 RGB LEDs. It parodied religious christmas lights hanging from our window and is on constant display in the Open garage.

    In 2014 I built a big triplex 3-letter combo, HEL, for my friend HELene Zegers, made in co-op with Stefan Van Geenhoven. It contains 666 LEDs (222 * RGB) and its best animation is an old-skool fire effect, completing the hell theme.

    I am always ready for new, exciting challenges. How about your next project?

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